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My name is Barbara Leigh!  I'm a good ol' country girl from Alabama but I'm currently going to school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   My boyfriend says I'm the world's biggest exhibitionist, and I guess that's true.  But since he is the world's biggest voyeur, that makes us perfectly matched.

We spend all our time going out in public and flashing strangers.  My boyfriend likes to take pictures and videos of me flashing and of course I love all the attention I get from doing it.

So for the first time ever, here I am sharing our personal photo album and home-videos of me flashing in public.  You'll see me and lots of my friends in up skirt shots, wet T-Shirt contests, Best Buns contests, Hot Body Contests, Wet Panties contests & Bikini Contests.  As you'll see... I look for any excuse to show off my body, spread my legs and flash in public!

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