I've so very sorry you're having troubles with your new membership to my BlondeFlasher.com website. I'm sure that can be quite frustrating, especially when the whole reason you joined was for fun, the last thing you need is frustration.

But Don't Worry, I Can Fix It For You!

Most often, the trouble is a very simple matter of entering the correct Username & Password.  If you are having difficulties with entering my site, it's probably because you're not entering the correct information.  All Usernames & Passwords are cAsE sEnSiTiVe so must be typed EXACTLY as you did when you created your account.

If after trying that, you still cannot access the member's section of my site, then I will fix it for you.  To fix it for you, please give me as much information about your membership as possible so I can locate your membership and fix it for you.  If you still have the invoice you were emailed from iBill when you first joined, then please forward it to me at BlondeFlasher@aol.com with your user name and password so I can fix it for you immediately.

What I Need From You:

If you don't still have your invoice, then please send me as much information as you have.  The email address you used when you joined, your subscription or transaction numbers, what membership you got, (Gold or Platinum), and your user name and password.  If you don't remember exactly what your user name and password are, that's okay, tell me what you think they are.

I am truly so very sorry for this inconvenience, and I want you to know that I will do everything I can to fix it for you as fast as possible.  If you have AOL and you see me online with my screen name BlondeFlasher@aol.com then send me an Instant Message and I will fix your membership for you right this minute.

If you don't have AOL,  you can see if I'm online by Clicking Here and I will help you right this minute.

Thank you very much for being my newest special voyeur friend & be sure to let me know any time you can come to sunny South Florida and cum to one of my fun-filled sexy parties, because I'd love to meet you in person and make this up to you!
Have fun!

Barbi Leigh :)