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Here are the current video choices available.  I am always adding more & updating often so there is always something new.  Be sure to watch the people in the background of my Flashing In Public videos because you just might happen to see yourself there!!! Click Here to Join Now & See Everything!
Here Is a 3 1/2 minute Free Video For Visitors - This gives you a good idea of what my videos are like. In this FREE sample you will get to see me strip and spread my legs as the camera zooms in up real close for you to see everything.  And if you were a Platinum Member, you'd get to see all these videos below where I lift my skirt and spread my legs in public with more being added all the time! [56k Modem Sound]  [28k Modem Sound] FREE Visitor's Video!!!
14 Minute Full-Length Video - The Wildest Wet T-Shirt Contest I've Ever Been In!  Spring Break 2000 -- Totally Hot!!!  It all happened at Rum Runners in Key West Florida during spring break, and what started out as a contest where you only get your T-Shirt wet so the audience can see through it... instead turned into me getting completely naked.  You will see all three rounds of the contest here.  Each round gets a little wilder until I am naked and spreading my ass and pussy lips in front of a giant crowd of college kids.  What A Total Rush!!! 
2 1/2 minutes with Sound - Stripping To The Blues - This was such a fun "impromptu" thing to do.  I ended up stripping completely naked in front of everyone in the bar on stage while the guitar player played the blues!
13 1/2 minutes Full-Length Video with Sound - Running Naked In Key West - This is without a doubt, the boldest thing I've ever done!  If you read my Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida monthly adventure story, then you know how this all came about. Now you can see me running for over 32 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Of Mexico right through the middle of town up Duval Street in the heart of Key West Florida while four guys with four video cameras following me from different angles to cover this in it's entirety! Unbelievable!!!
 1 minute with Sound - Stairway To Heaven - This is a really fun video.  A tiny skirt, A steep stairwell, a bunch of people with cameras & videos and an adventurous girl that LOVES to show her pussy. [All Modems w/ Sound]
 6 Minutes With Sound - Dancin' In The Street - This video isn't really "Flashing In Public" because "Flashing" is defined as "a quick glimpse or display" and there is nothing "quick" about this.  As you'll see me dancing to a street-drummer in front of a few hundred people, spreading my legs, my lips & my cheeks.  [All Modems w/ Sound]
2 Minutes With Sound - Playboy's Strip Search Miami! This video was recorded off of the Playboy Channel when I was in their Strip Search Miami Show. As you can tell, it was a really fun time! [56k Modem]     [28k Modem]
1 1/2 Minutes With Sound - Here I Spread My Legs While Dancing with MizzPlatoz. The girl playing guitar and singing doesn't seem to enjoy the competition but we had fun! [56k Modem]
45 Seconds With Sound - This was really Fun. Dancing with MizzPlatoz in the middle of a cheering crowd, we pull open our tops, rub our nipples together and bend over touching out toes.    [56k Modem]
2 1/2 Minutes With Sound - Here I unzip my Mini-Skirt and walk through crowds of people on Main Street during Bike Week in Daytona Beach.  The reactions are so great, Ken followed about 15 feet behind me with the video camera catching everyone's comments and expressions. This is one of my most favorite videos.  [56k Modem]     [28k Modem]
1 1/2 Minutes With Sound - Here I am at Daytona Bike Week lifting my mini-skirt up and spreading my legs real wide to climb on a stranger's Harley in the middle of a crowded Main Street.   I pull my skirt up and show it all while people in the crowd tell me to "take it off".  We quit when we see the police coming. [56k Modem]     [28k Modem]
6 Minutes With Sound - Here I am at what the bikers in Daytona Beach called a "T & A" contest, (short for "tits & ass") This was a fun contest and as you can see from the crowd, there were over 2,000 people there.  You'll also see me in this same contest on some of the Bike Week videos that are available. But here for you is our VERY Long home video that Ken took while I danced, stripped and strutted my stuff for all to see. Click for  [56k Modem]     [28k Modem]
Here I am At Spring Break In Cancun Mexico getting totally naked by the pool and hot tub.  Yes people were watching from the beach, the pool area and the balconies but no one seemed to mind a bit... I know that I sure didn't!!!  [28k Modem NO Sound]

Here I am Dancing on an outside patio-bar at a club called, "Yuppies" at Spring Break in Cancun Mexico - The DJ played one of my favorite songs and the waiters jumped up on the bar and started dancing.  I flashed them a couple times and the next thing I knew, they were pulling me up on the bar to dance with them.  It was lots of fun flashing everyone at the bar and all the people watching from the street!  Click for [56k Modem YES Sound]    [28k Modem YES Sound]     [28k Modem NO Sound]

This video was taken at a Bikini Hot Body Contest at Atlantis in Fort Lauderdale.  You can tell I was having a good time!  I can't wait til the Internet video technology gets to the point where you can see the details of my intimate parts as clearly as I would like to show them to you.  We expect that to happen next month some time.  Of course, a 56k modem gets the best and clearest videos.  Click for [56k Modem YES Sound]    [56k Modem NO Sound]     [28k Modem YES Sound]    [28k Modem NO Sound]

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